Financial literacy for kiddos from the bank of mom and dad ❤️™

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What is Bank Kiddo?

  • Hi, I'm Riz. I'm a tech nerd.

  • My wife and I had a child.

  • After we had our child, I really wanted to figure out a way to try and start teaching some financial literacy. Initially, my son had a piggy bank which has some money various friends and family members have gifted to him... It just sits there.

    I thought, this is a little silly. People don't use cash anymore and the money in the piggy bank doesn't teach much. Why not use a system to teach him how a basic bank account works: interest, fees, overdraft, etc.? All of this in as simple a manner as possible. That's why I built Bank Kiddo.

  • Bank Kiddo is a totally free fictitious bank account with basic rules. Parents can log deposits, withdrawals, and define the rules of the bank. Kids can see how their account usage and bank rules change their bank balance. Ideally you'd use this with the savings your kids get from their allowance, gifts, etc. and track their expenditures from this account as well.

    Feel free to use bank kiddo for your family and hopefully you find it useful.

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